Around Every Corner

Fields come in all shapes, sizes, soil types, crop types, elevations, and locations. How do you irrigate a field that has an irregular shape or maybe contains several obstacles? Good news is, Valley has Corners, Benders, and DropSpan™ that can maximize the acreage that you can reach with a center pivot irrigation system. If all of your crop is receiving the same care, your crop will be more uniform and the more income you receive. Valley says, “Our studies show that growers like you can increase profits by at least $600 per acre of corn, just by putting more of your existing acres into production.” If you are interested or have any questions, give us a call at (318) 238-4004 or shoot us an email by going to the “Contact Us” tab and filling out the contact information and your message! There’s no reason to waste available field acreage just because your irrigation system doesn’t maneuver around every corner!

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