All Aboard the Drive Train!

Hello everyone! With the holiday season in full effect, we at Red Rock Irrigation want to allow you to take a few moments for a break from worrying about decorating and shopping for Christmas. Instead, we want to inform you about a couple of Valley drive trains that might be the deciding factor in whether or not your center pivot chugs along during season. In a center pivot, the drive train is the base that bears all of the weight and brunt of the system. To have a fully functioning and reliable system, the drive train must be able to endure the pressure and last throughout the growing season.Below is a slide show that shows the specs on Valley’s Gearbox and Center Drive and also Valley’s 7000 Series Gearbox and Center Drive. You can easily compare the systems and see which would work better for you and your circumstances!

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America’s Valley

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This week I wanted to share a video by Valley that gives a clearer view as to how Valley irrigation makes a difference in domestic crops. Small farmers put so much money into running farms. Their livelihood depends on how well their crop performs season after season. Supporting our hometown, domestic farmers not only helps them but helps America by promoting domestic jobs and crops. With the use of Valley irrigation, these farmers have help with producing crops for the American people and for our country’s use. Whether it be sugarcane, corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, or any other type of crop, American farmers benefit from using Valley. I hope you enjoy the video. Just click on the link below and happy watching!


Around Every Corner

Fields come in all shapes, sizes, soil types, crop types, elevations, and locations. How do you irrigate a field that has an irregular shape or maybe contains several obstacles? Good news is, Valley has Corners, Benders, and DropSpan™ that can maximize the acreage that you can reach with a center pivot irrigation system. If all of your crop is receiving the same care, your crop will be more uniform and the more income you receive. Valley says, “Our studies show that growers like you can increase profits by at least $600 per acre of corn, just by putting more of your existing acres into production.” If you are interested or have any questions, give us a call at (318) 238-4004 or shoot us an email by going to the “Contact Us” tab and filling out the contact information and your message! There’s no reason to waste available field acreage just because your irrigation system doesn’t maneuver around every corner!

Embrace the Difference

Just like people, all plants are different. And like people, plants must be treated differently. Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) allows the grower to do just that. VRI utilizes topography information, soil and yield data, along with other information that the grower chooses to use, in order to set water specifications. Valley offers Speed Control and Zone Control options. Speed Control allows growers to divide the field into 180 sectors with varying water applications. Zone Control allows the grower to designate more than 5000 zones that receive their own specific water application for fields with more complexity. Now, each plant can receive the right amount of water that meets its specific needs and the overall yield will benefit. And with that, the agricultural world can say that they “Embrace the difference!”

Additions in the Works

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Update! We are currently working on an app that our customers can use! This app will help you calculate just how much profit you can make by using a Valley irrigation system or how much grain you can save by using a Sukup grain bin. Hopefully we’ll have it out to you within the next few months. We’ll periodically give you updates on it, as well. Sit back, hold on tight, and wait to calculate!

Keeping You Informed

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Those here at Red Rock Irrigation have really been thinking! Our customers consider us because of our prices and customer service and we really need to touch base with you. What better way to let you get to know us and find out about new developments than a blog? So from here on out, we’ll be posting  blog posts so that we can educate about our equipment, entertain our customers, and interact with you guys! Feel free to comment, ask questions, and share our posts!

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From the Red Rock Irrigation Staff